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How Much Is This Meeting Going To Cost?

I don't want this to be just another rant about how meetings suck the life out of people (there are already enough of those online) but, I do think it's important to remind people that there is a cost to meetings and those costs can pile up quick.

Meeting Cruncher wasn't created because I hate bad meetings, instead it was created out of my love for good meetings – the rare kind you walk out of smiling. I want more meetings like that and although simple in concept, these breath-of-fresh-air meetings are hard to come by so, I created a tool that puts things into a perspective everyone can understand, money.

Would meetings be haphazardly prepared, constantly veer off track, and run so long if people could visualize, in real-time, just how much time and money was being lost?

The effect of the ticking meeting cost calculator is hard to ignore so, next time you're in a meeting, fire it up, head into fullscreen mode, and put the counter on the biggest display you can find (or hide it on your iPhone).

When the meeting is over, think about what you could do with all that money (hold back your tears) and then think about what you can do to create a meeting culture that brings joy to your team and actually makes your company money, instead of burning it.

How To Make Meetings More Productive

Plan ahead, set goals, stay focused, and keep it quick.